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Need a warehouse in the Tampa Bay area where you can drop-ship new products for warehousing and distribution?

St. Pete Moving & Storage offers convenient and affordable receiving, warehousing, and delivery service for Interior Designers and Hospitality projects, including private residences, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and new offices. We can receive all types of goods such as new furniture, carpet, wall covering, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, tile, etc. from your various vendors and carriers on your behalf, inspect the product upon receipt, consolidate those products and store them until you are ready for delivery to your client. We also offer basic installation services and removal of packing and shipping debris.

Interior Design Delivery Services

We have years of experience handling projects like this, both large and small. Our well-trained and experienced crews provide superior service to you and your customers. Our warehouse management system (WMS) allows us to prepare receiving reports and condition exception reports which are emailed to you on a regular basis. Our clean and well organized warehouse features ground level and dock height receiving with racked storage and is ideally suited to receive and hold these items until you are ready to have them delivered locally to your project site.

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