Treadmills, functional trainers, elliptical machines – these convenient pieces of equipment are a great investment. They’ll keep you active and healthy for years... as long as they don’t break during your next move

Fitness equipment, especially if it can’t be broken down, is very difficult (and dangerous) to move.  Ask any trainer or gym manager and they’ll tell you to seek help from the professionals to avoid damaging your home, your machine and, most importantly, yourself.

The professional Tampa movers at St. Pete’s are extremely knowledgeable and efficient when it comes to moving gym equipment. Whether you’re moving stationary bike, a treadmill, a rowing machine or an above ground Jacuzzi spa, the pros at St. Pete’s will ensure the transition is safe, secure and streamlined.

Moving your bulky, misshaped equipment on your own is a fast track to property damage and, worse yet, personal injury. Hire the professionals at St. Pete’s to make the move worry-free. That’s our job, after all.