The pros of St. Pete Moving & Storage have been helping families with all of their moving and storage needs for years. During that time, we have come to know that moving with young children requires special care and attention; their safety and well-being during the relocation process is always the primary concern. To help make this process easier for both you and your young kids, we’ve put together four great ways to “childproof your move” and take some of the stress out of your move.

1. Keep Track of Dangerous Items

It’s no surprise that there are countless things that can be harmful to curious toddlers and young children. Medications, tools, sharp objects, and harmful cleaning supplies should all be packed up as soon as possible during a move with children. If you can’t securely pack these items right away, move them out of kids’ reach; in tall cabinets, secured containers in the garage, or other hard-to-reach places until they can be loaded onto the moving truck.

2. Schedule Smartly

Keeping an eye on the kids while simultaneously trying to pack up your entire house, schedule moving services and finish all the other tasks that go with a relocation can be a job unto itself. Relieve some of the this added stress by scheduling a move when kids are in school when possible; this is ensure that they can stay safe and fully supervised while you can give your attention to making sure that move goes smoothly. If moving while the kids are in school isn’t an option, consider taking up friends and family members on offers to babysit young kids for an afternoon or two. You’ll be amazed at how much packing and planning you can get done with a few hours of uninterrupted time!

3. Keep Kids Busy in Their Own Safe Space

If your kids will be in tow during the entire move process, consider keeping their favorite toys or other activities to keep them entertained in a single room. Perhaps it’s an old bedroom or office space that you can easily clear out first; no matter what room it is, having ample toys, games, and napping essentials is a great way to keep kids clear of the moving-day chaos.

4. Childproof Your New Home Before Move-In

If you can get into your new home before moving day, take some time to childproof anything that needs to be addressed before you start unloading boxes. Cover accessible electrical outlets, block off areas or stairways that you don’t want the kids to use and complete/fix any outstanding construction issues. That way, when your move in day does roll around, the only thing you have to worry about is getting settled into your new home.

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