When families relocate to another city, it often takes a lot of planning and preparation to ensure a smooth move. This is even more important when moving with school children, as a home relocation can be a scary process. Your kids not only have to contend with moving to another place, they must also get settled into a new school.

At St. Pete Moving and Storage, we can handle the packing, transport, and safe household storage of your property. However, dealing with the effects of moving on your family is up to you. We do have a few things you can keep in mind when preparing to relocate with children.

Considerations When Moving with School Children

Many children can develop fear, anxiety, or stress during a family move. If these issues aren't addressed they may make the relocation traumatic, which is something that no parent wants. If you can make this into a positive experience that the children are excited about, all the better. Here are a few ideas to help:

  Talk About It: Set aside a special time to sit down with your kids to talk about their concerns regarding the move. Let them ask any questions they want and try to answer them honestly. If they are hesitant, you can start the ball rolling by talking about one of your concerns and how you handled it.

  Give Some Control: Having a little control over the situation eliminates feelings of helplessness. Take the children with you while hunting for apartments and ask for their input about places. Do some research into local events and plan some activities with the children. You can even get them involved in decorating their new room for fun!

  Enjoy Family Time: Reinforce your bond with the kids by making time for a few fun games or order pizza delivery on the last night in your old home. Maybe put together a little goodbye ritual for the family to perform together before moving out of the house.

  Pack an Overnight Box: Every child has a few essentials that they can't do without, such as their stuffed animal or favorite blanket. Keep these things and other items, like clothing and toiletry products safe in an overnight box that you bring along when driving to your new home.

While relocating can be difficult, it is also possible to make moving with school children a very rewarding process for the entire family. Keep the stress on yourself at a minimum with a little extra help from the professional household movers at St. Pete Moving and Storage. We'll be happy to provide a FREE consultation and price estimate when you contact us by phone or when you fill out our easy online quote form today!