At St. Pete Moving and Storage, we know how stressful your move can be. That’s why creating a moving checklist is an important part of your moving preparation, ensuring that nothing you need to do gets forgotten. But where do you start? Our expert movers have compiled a list things to think about – whether you’re moving your household or moving your business - when coming up with your own checklist.

Before You Move

It might seem like there’s lots to do before you move, and that’s because there is. Don’t get overwhelmed by the prospect of everything you need to get done, though! Start early and cross off things as you get them done. This will not only visible reduce the number of things weighing on your mind, but also help you feel more prepared. Not sure where to start in prepping for your move? Here is a shortlist of things to consider:

  • Scheduling Professional Movers
  • Forwarding Mail
  • Buying Packing Supplies
  • Securing Babysitters or Pet sitters if needed
  • Turning on Utilities at Your New Address
  • Canceling Utilities at Your Old Address
  • Packing Up Non-Essentials (things you don’t use often)
  • Getting Rid of/Donating Items You Don’t Want to Move During Your Move

This might feel like the most stressful aspect of your entire moving experience, but in actuality, if you’ve prepared well ahead of time, with the help of professional movers, this portion of your move should be relatively smooth sailing. Still, there are a few things to keep in mind during your move, including:

  • Packing an “Essentials” Box (to be filled with items you’ll need right away)
  • Establishing a “Point Person” for Clear Communication
  • Doing a “Once-Over” at Your Old Address to Ensure Nothing is Left Behind
  • Cleaning and/or Hiring Cleaners to Go Over Your New Address Before Unpacking
  • Deciding on Designated Rooms for Large Furniture

After Your Move

Just because the heavy lifting is over doesn’t mean the work stops there. In order to feel truly settled into your new home or office, it’s important to cover a few last remaining steps:

  • Unpacking
  • Establishing Change-of-Address for Important Contacts (Doctors, Schools, Delivery Services, etc.)
  • Canceling Any Subscription Services to Your Old Address
  • Sending Out a Change-of-Address Notification to Non-Essential Contacts

Of course, there are many items that might wind up on your checklist according to your individual needs, but use this list of suggestions as a starting point to help you make your own list as specific and organized as possible. And remember, when you need assistance with your move, St. Pete’s is ready to help with expert movers and professional coordinators who are knowledgeable and happy to answer all of your questions along the way!