A corporate relocation is never easy. Whether you’re moving one employee or 1,000, you need to start the process with a solid plan in mind and stay organized throughout. One of the first things you should do is hire a reliable corporate moving company, but that alone won’t guarantee a stress-free move. Instead of giving in to the stress—and having that anxiety trickle down to your employees—keep these tips in mind and a enjoy smoother relocation. 

Plan Ahead—Way Ahead

The longer lead time you have before a move the better. This not only allows each department to organize and pack over several weeks (or even months), but it gives employees time to adjust to the idea of moving.

Announce Details Right Away

Employees always tend to know if there are whisperings of change, and that causes stress. Don’t keep employees in the dark. Instead, announce moving plans and then announce details as you learn them. Keeping everyone in the loop will help create a team-like atmosphere which will be a huge help leading up to the move.

Put People in Charge

If you’re moving a business with several departments, it’s a good idea to have a point person in each of those departments to be the lead on the move. Questions and concerns can be funneled through them, and they can work with the movers to ensure everything in their departments stays organized. 

Spring for Full-Service Moving

Full-service St. Petersburg corporate relocation services will make all the difference during your move. While there may still be some things you’ll want employees to handle (i.e. sensitive paperwork), hiring full-service movers will take the bulk of the packing and moving off their plate. It also ensures that fragile items are properly packed and that they will be covered by insurance should they be damaged during the move. 

Purchase Moving Insurance

Anything can happen during a move. If you’re the worrying kind, this fact will likely weigh heavily on your mind as you execute your corporate relocation. Instead of worrying that your $100,000 of computer equipment won’t arrive safely, cover your valuables from any type of loss or damage with moving insurance. 

Have Realistic Expectations of Employees

If you are enlisting the help of your employees to handle any of the moving-related tasks, be reasonable. They cannot take care of the moving details and maintain their normal workload. Having unrealistic expectations is unfair, and it is one of the best ways to ensure very low morale at a time when you should be looking for ways to boost morale. 

Don’t Neglect Employee Relocation Services

If you’re planning a long-distance relocation and taking employees with you, find a corporate moving company that can handle the employee relocations as well as the business move. Often, you’ll be able to include the employee relocation services in your moving package, which will make budgeting easier. 

While a business move is never going to be easy, these simple tips can take much of the stress out of a corporate relocation. Hiring the right moving company is key. St. Pete Moving & Storage can handle every detail of your move. Our corporate moving company offers custom moving packages that perfectly suit your business’ needs. 

As a Mayflower agent, we can take care of your move whether it’s down the street or across the country. Contact our St. Petersburg corporate relocation experts as you begin planning your move.  Call St. Pete Moving & Storage, or fill out our simple online form to schedule a free, on-site estimate.