One of the great side effects of moving is that it gives you a chance to clean up your life. As you go through the items you have you begin to sort your belongings into things that you'll keep and things that you'll need to get rid of. For the unnecessary or excess items in your household, consider doing more than just throwing them away. Our St. Petersburg moving and storage company knows that the best way to get rid of an item is to give it to someone in need.

There are plenty of St. Petersburg donation organizations out there that readily take in reusable or re-giftable goods. From toys to clothes, kitchenware to furniture, donating your old belongings that are in good condition can be a great way to make a positive impact on a family in need this holiday season. Donations can also help benefit your relocation. By donating to a non-profit you're most likely eligible for a tax deduction which can eventually help you cover the cost of your move. If you're considering a more direct option for funding your relocation, a garage sale is the perfect way to sell your belongings on your own.

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