With summer just around the corner, moving season is getting kicked into high gear. As the most popular season for moving, families around the nation are booking their movers, packing their things, and finding their way to their new home. So what makes summer such a popular month for families moving? Read below to find out the reasons!

Nicer weather – While Tampa may be warm most if not all of the year, many places aren’t. Dealing with snow or sleet during a move can not only be a hassle but a safety hazard with dangerous results. Think car accidents, icy walkways, snow banks, and more. Warm weather is just safer and nicer for both you and your mover.

Garage sales – Summer is the time where families liquidate items they’ve accumulated over the years with yard or garage sales. This means households get the chance to sell some of their excess goods before moving as well as pick up some items they might want or need on the cheap. By hosting a garage sale, families get a little extra cash in their pocket as well as lightening the load for their move.

Buying houses – Coinciding nicely with moving is the real estate season. And while you can’t have one without the other, it’s just become a fact that houses sell in the season of plenty. And with summer also being the season with the most weddings, newly wed couples looking to buy their first home will be entering the market and looking to move as well.

Your kids and their schools – Whether you have an elementary school student on summer break or a college student home from the university, having your kids home means it’s the perfect time to relocate with the least amount of disruption. By moving at the end of the school year calendar, you’re giving your children the best opportunity to start the next year fresh and seamlessly.

Whether you’re moving here from New Jersey or leaving for Washington, our Tampa Bay movers are the professional moving and storage experts you can rely on. As popular as moving during summer might be, we offer you the guarantee that our movers will take the time and care needed to give you the best moving experience you can get. Call St. Pete Moving & Storage or fill out our online form for a free estimate today!

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