Thousands of people dream about living in the year-round sand and sun of a warmer climate, and you’re actually going to do it! No more snow, sleet or winter jackets when you move to places like coastal Florida. But now that you’re about to live somewhere that has one long, beautiful season, what do you do with all your cold-weather clothes?

If you’re used to the changing seasons, but planning on moving somewhere with a warm climate like Florida, preparing your wardrobe for a change of pace before the move happens is essential. Taking care of all that you can before your trip to the beach will help keep you organized, stress-free and looking great!

Get Organized

A few weeks before the move, set aside time to completely go through your closet. When you’re ready, sort through each item you own to get organized. Toss any clothes that don’t fit or can’t be fixed. For those clothes that are in good condition but you may simply not wear anymore can usually be donated to a local charity or GoodWill organization. For any items that need to be cleaned or repaired, make all these fixes before the move.

If you’re permanently moving to a warm climate like West Central Florida, consider donating most of your heavy winter clothes to a charity, family or friend who might use them. Keep a few key items for times when you travel or visit colder climates.

Fill in the Gaps

Once you’ve sorted, gone through and narrowed down your overall wardrobe, consider what essentials you might be missing. Do you only have one pair of shorts that you still wear? Are your short-sleeved shirts or dresses lacking? Make a list of essentials that you’ll need before you get to your new home and use the remaining time before the move to purchase everything you need.

Pack Smart

Finally, organize and pack all of your wardrobe pieces into labeled, easy-to-identify boxes or containers. Once you get to your new home, all you’ll have to do is unpack and you’ll be ready to take on the sun and sand in style!

For even more great packing and moving help for a warm-weather move, call St. Pete Moving & Storage today!

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