Plants are an amazing accent to the home.  Bringing not only warmth and beauty but a better overall atmosphere to the indoor setting.    With all of the time put into keeping your plants healthy and alive the thought of leaving them at home during a move is not exactly ideal. Moving your plants from one home to another takes consideration and special care.  Check out Tampa Bay Movers, St. Pete Moving and Storage’s five tips on how to safely move your plants.

  1. Long distance moves – If moving over state or county lines make sure to call ahead to make sure your plant is allowed in the new area.  Fines can be administered – even if you smuggled over the plant unknowingly!
  2. Professional Moving – Ask your movers ahead of time if they move plants.  Some do not cover damage to plants because of their fragility.  If this is the case it is easy to move plants yourself as well.
  3. Tall Plants – Larger plants need to be covered in plastic, remember to always cut holes in the plastic to allow the plant to breathe easily.
  4. Repot – Repot your plants into plastic containers about 3 weeks prior to your move.  Once you arrive at your new destination remove the plastic potting and immediately repot back into proper containers.  Remember it takes the plant about 3 weeks to recuperate from repotting so be very careful with it until it is fully recovered.
  5. During Travel - Buy sturdy (preferably wooden) boxes or crates to set your plants in during the move.  Between pots use either newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion the plants from the movement of the vehicle.
With years of experience Movers in Tampa Bay - St. Pete Moving and Storage have used all of these techniques successfully.  And remember to always keep your plants in a consistent atmosphere.  Try to make things as constant as possible ie. Temperature, soil type, etc.  Keeping your plants stress free will ultimately leave you with healthy, happy re-homed plants!