Packing Fragile Items is not an easy feat. You must be able to pack these items efficiently and effectively. The last thing you want is to have Aunt Judy’s Glass bowl she gave you to break when moving to your new home. That is why St Pete’s moving and Storage is bringing you a few tips to help you out with packing these items.
  • Heavy items on the bottom – You may think this is common sense, but always remember to pack the heavy fragile items on the bottom of your box. You must also pad the bottom of the box. This will ensure that your items do not shift and crack during transport.
  • Never Enough Padding – Packing with newspaper is a great ay to pack glassware. Always use more than you need. You will be much happier in the long run when it comes to your items making the trip versus shattering somewhere on the way. Newspaper is cheap and can be collected over a long period of time.
  • Don’t Over Pack – A common misconception is that just because you can fill a box to the brim, doesn’t mean you have to. Leave some room in each box to make sure you don’t overweight them. You don’t want to crush anything, or even worse drop a box. If you must fill the boxes, fill the remaining space with throw pillows.
St. Pete’s Moving & Storage is committed to bringing you the best information that we can. Check back often for more great tips like these to help you out on your next move.
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