At 1am on the 1000 block of the 31st street a man was locking up the gate of this business.  His girlfriend drove to pick him up in her manual transmission 2007 Nisssan.  The two were then carjacked by two men who demanded them to exit their car and fork over their money.  The carjackers got one cellphone but no money.

The carjackers then attempted to drive away.  Except they didn't know how to drive a manual transmission.  The two carjackers failed to drive the car, gave up, and ran off into the night.

St Petersburg movers would like you to report any information you have to the authorities. The ignorance of the carjackers made the "victims" the winners in the end. The St Petersburg moving company knows how to move their moving vehicles and can successfully transport your belongings to their destination much better than these carjackers.
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